Kristee Watson

Is Trekking Across Nevada to Sell Her Healthcare Scam

Her Final Destination?

Kristee Watson

Wants the Nevada Government to Control Your Healthcare…

Kristee Watson wants a state-run healthcare system. She has in her own words called for a “publicly-administered, single-payer, universal health care system…”1 That means the same people who can’t run Nevada’s DMV or the unemployment office would be deciding what kind of care you receive.

How can we trust someone who will give the dysfunctional state government power over our healthcare?

Kristee Watson

Will Move Anywhere To Get What She Wants

Kristee Watson is a carpetbagger who moves from place to place every time she loses a campaign in search of the most winnable district, so she can implement her socialist healthcare scheme.

In 2017, she moved to Henderson to run for State Assembly.2 After losing that race, she sold her house in Henderson and changed her address to a place she doesn’t even own in Senate District 5.3

How can we trust someone who doesn’t understand our community?

Say “No” to Socialist Carpetbagger

Kristee Watson!